Download BLU USB Drivers (All Devices)

In this article you will find out the list of BLU USB Drivers. Don't worry, you will find USB drivers of all BLU Android based smartphones. We have listed down Windows ADB driver, firmware drivers and general purpose drivers for BLU.

BLU Products is an American company, originating in Miami. The company designs and manufactures low-cost mobile phones. The name BLU stands for ‘Bold Like us.’

The company isn’t very heavily acclaimed for and has very little presence in the consumer market, but there is a decent number of users who own a BLU device and function it as their daily driver.

If you own or are using a BLU Android device and would like to connect your device with a computer, then you will need to install USB drivers on the computer. Since BLU doesn’t offer PC Suite application, you have to download the USB driver based on your BLU smartphone or tablet model number and install in your computer.

Having installed the latest BLU USB Driver for your BLU device means that you’ll be able to establish a strong, stable, fast, and secure connection between your smartphone and your computer. Plus, you avoid the risk of getting your device bricked.

Connecting your BLU smartphone to your laptop or PC would be essential when you wish to perform tasks such as rooting your BLU device or flashing firmware, installing a custom ROM or even transferring files between your laptop or PC and your BLU smartphone. Such tasks require stable connectivity in order to be fulfilled.

Download and Install the Latest BLU USB Drivers

The procedure to download and install the latest BLU USB drivers is very easy. You just need to download your respective BLU device’s USB driver and install it onto your PC. We will walk you through two methods of how to install BLU USB drivers on your PC.

To make things further easy, we have mentioned a list of BLU devices and its USB driver download link below.


  1. Download your BLU device’s USB Driver file from the list above
  2. Extract the downloaded BLU USB Driver’s file onto a separate folder in your PC
  3. Double-click on the extracted file to start the installation
  4. Wait for the installation to finish
  5. Hit the finish button in the end


  1. Download your BLU device’s USB Driver file from the list above
  2. Open device manager on your computer
  3. Select drivers and click on portable devices
  4. Find the BLU device icon and right-click on it
  5. Click on update drivers
  6. Select the downloaded BLU USB Drivers file from the first step
  7. Run the installation
  8. Hit finish after you’re done

That’s it. You have now installed the latest BLU USB driver for your BLU device.

BLU USB Drivers Free Download (All Devices)

BLU A110 Download
BLU A5 Energy Download
BLU Advance A5 Plus Download
BLU Advance A5 Plus LTE Download
BLU Advance L4 Download
BLU C4 Download
BLU Dash 3.5 D343L Download
BLU C5X Download
Blu Advance 4.0M Download
Blu Advance 4M A090 Download
Blu Advance 5.0 HD Download
Blu Advance 5.5 HD A070U Download
BLU C5 Download
Blu B309A Download
Blu C5 Lte Download
Blu C5X C0010LL Download
Blu D600 Download
Blu Dash 5.5 D470U Download
Blu Dash JR D140 Download
Blu Dash L A050U Download
BLU Dash L4 LTE Download
BLU Dash M2 D090U Download
BLU Dash X Plus LTE Download
BLU Dash X2 D110L Download
BLU Diamond M Download
BLU Energy Diamond Download
BLU Energy JR E070 Download
BLU Energy M Download
BLU Energy X 2 Download
BLU Energy X LTE Download
BLU Energy X LTE E0010UU Download
BLU Energy X2 Download
Blu Dash L2 D251L Download
Blu Dash L3 D931 Download
Blu Dash M2 D090L Download
Blu Dash XL D710U Download
Blu Diamond M D210L Download
Blu E150Q Download
Blu G HD LTE S0250UU Download
Blu G0010WW Download
BLU Grand 5.5 HD Download
BLU Grand 5.5 HD II Download
BLU Grand Energy Download
BLU Grand M Download
BLU Grand M2 Download
BLU Grand M2 (2018) Download
BLU Grand XL LTE Download
BLU Grand XL Download
BLU Grand X LTE Download
BLU Grand X Download
BLU Grand Max Download
BLU L5 LTE Download
BLU Grand M2 LTE Download
BLU Life One X3 Download
BLU Life Mark Download
Blu G070 Download
Blu G150 Download
Blu G170Q Download
Blu L220B Download
Blu Life Max L0110UU Download
BLU Life XL Download
BLU R2 Download
BLU R1 HD (2018) Download
BLU R1 HD Download
BLU Pure View Download
BLU Neo Energy Mini Download
Blu Life Play 2 L170i Download
Blu Mix X Plus Download
BLU R2 LTE Download
Blu Neo X N071 Download
Blu Neo X LTE N00110UU Download
Blu N150 Download
Blu N070 Download
Blu P60W Download
Blu R0051UU Download
Blu P271L Download
Blu P200i Download
Blu P200 Download
Blu R2 LTE R0150EE Download
Blu R010P Download
BLU R2 Plus Download
Blu S110L Download
Blu R2 LTE R0170WW Download
BLU Studio 5.0 S II D572i Download
BLU S5 Download
BLU S1 Download
BLU R2 R010P Download
Blu S650P Download
Blu S610P Download
Blu S590Q Download
Blu S550Q Download
Blu S390U Download
Blu S110U Download
Blu Studio C 5+5 D890U Download
Blu Star 4.5 S450UL Download
Blu Star 4.5 S450L Download
Blu Selfie V030L Download
Blu Selfie S470I Download
Blu S730P Download
Blu Studio C 5.0 D830U Download
BLU Studio G2 Download
BLU Studio G3 Download
BLU Studio G4 Download
BLU Studio J1 Download
BLU Studio J2 Download
BLU Studio J8 Download
BLU Studio J8 LTE Download
BLU Studio J8M LTE Download
BLU Studio M LTE Download
BLU Studio M4 Download
BLU Studio Mega Download
BLU Studio Mega (2018) Download
BLU Studio One Download
BLU Studio One Plus Download
BLU Studio Selfie LTE Download
BLU Studio X Plus Download
Blu Studio C 8+8 S0170UU Download
Blu Studio C Mini D670U Download
BLU Studio X5 Download
Blu Studio View XL Download
Blu Studio GD790Q Download
BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Download
BLU Tank Xtreme 4.0 Download
BLU Tank Xtreme Pro Download
BLU Touchbook M7 Download
BLU V303X Download
BLU Touchbook M7 Pro Download
Blu Studio XL LTE S0190UU Download
Blu T470 Download
Blu T0010UU Download
Blu Touch Book 7.0 Lite P50 Download
Blu Touchbook M7 Pro P290L Download
Blu V0090EE Download
Blu Touchbook M7 P271L Download
Blu Touchbook 8.0 P220 Download
Blu V051 Download
Blu V050 Download
Blu V0090LL Download
Blu Vivo 5 Mini V050EQ Download
Blu Vivo 5 V0050UU Download
BLU Vivo 5R V0090EE Download
BLU Vivo 8L Download
BLU Vivo Air Download
BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU Download
BLU Vivo One Download
BLU Vivo One Plus Download
BLU Vivo X Link 4MB Download
BLU Vivo X V0230WW Download
BLU Vivo XI Download
BLU Vivo XI Plus Download
BLU Vivo XL3 Download
BLU Vivo XL3 Plus Download
Blu Vivo 5R V0090UU Download
Blu Vivo 8L V0190UU Download
Blu Vivo 8 V0150UU Download
Blu Vivo 8 V0150LL Download
BLU C5L Download
BLU C6L Download
BLU G5 Download
BLU G5 Plus Download
BLU G6 Download
BLU G8 Download
BLU G9 Download
BLU G9 Pro Download
BLU Studio X8 HD (2019) Download
BLU Vivo Go Download
BLU Vivo One Plus (2019) Download
BLU Vivo XL4 Download
blu energy m e110l Download
blu grand m g070eq Download

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