Download 5star USB Drivers (All Devices)

In this article you will find out the list of 5star USB Drivers. Don't worry, you will find USB drivers of all 5star Android based smartphones. We have listed down Windows ADB driver, firmware drivers and general purpose drivers for 5star.

Are you an owner of a 5Star device and were in the search for a way to download the latest USB Drivers for your 5Star device? Then you have landed at the right place.

The brand 5Star does not have mainstream prominence, but there’s a loyal audience that uses 5Star devices.

Usually, smartphones can efficiently perform all your daily tasks including sending emails, calling someone, texts, creating Microsoft presentations, and vice versa.
However, a computer connection becomes essential when you want to perform tasks such as rooting your device, flashing firmware, installing a custom ROM on your device, and even transferring data between your smartphone and your laptop or PC.

For such tasks, a stable, secure, and fast connection is a must. And, in order to establish a stable, secure, and fast connection between your smartphone and your computer, then you must install the relevant and latest USB drivers for your 5Star device.

Download and Install the Latest 5Star USB Drivers

There are two possible methods that you may use to install the 5Star USB drivers. We will walk you through both of these methods.

Further, to make things easy, we have listed down 5Star devices and their USB driver download link below:


  1. Download your 5Star device’s USB Driver file from the list above
  2. Extract the downloaded 5Star USB Driver’s file onto a separate folder in your PC
  3. Double-click on the extracted file to start the installation
  4. Wait for the installation to finish
  5. Hit the finish button in the end


  1. Download your 5Star device’s USB Driver file from the list above
  2. Open device manager on your computer
  3. Select drivers and click on portable devices
  4. Find the 5Star device icon and right-click on it
  5. Click on update drivers
  6. Select the downloaded 5Star USB Drivers file from the first step
  7. Run the installation
  8. Hit finish after you’re done

That’s it. You have now installed the latest 5Star USB driver for your 5Star device.

5star USB Drivers Free Download (All Devices)

5Star A104 Download
5Star B56 Download
5Star B66 Download
5Star B76 Download
5Star D5 Download
5Star F10 Download
5Star F100 Download
5Star F20 Download
5Star F303 Download
5Star F50 Download
5Star FX50 Download
5Star FX60 Download
5Star FX70 Download
5Star GR5 Download
5Star P10 Download
5Star RX1 Download
5Star RX2 Download
5Star RX4 Download
5Star RX5 Download
5Star T10 Download
5Star T30 Download
5Star T50 Download
5Star Z-22 Download
5Star ZX3 Download

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